We're students,
helping our community.
The CPO is made up of student-initiated, student-run projects that work for freedom and equality in our own communities. We focus on access to college, retention in college, and community service for college students.

First 200 at the door tonight will receive…

First 200 at the door tonight will receive a free burger from In-N-Out. Doors open at 5:30pm in Wilson Plaza. Get there early! Timeline Photos www.facebook.com facebook.com

Playing tonight at the Community Reception…

Playing tonight at the Community Reception will be Lobalam. Come check them out! https://youtu.be/Q7kjY3UrPsQ facebook.com

Read more about how Lucy Flores went from…

Read more about how Lucy Flores went from gang member to elected official and rising star of the Democratic Party. Catch her at the reception tonight at 5:30pm in Wilson Plaza. The Former Gang Girl Who Wants to Run Las … Continued

Hello CPO Family! At this year’s Community…

Hello CPO Family! At this year’s Community Reception, Asians for Miracle Marrow Matches (A3M), a recruitment center for Be the Match, will be hosting a bone marrow drive. The drive is specifically looking for Pilipino/Asian American donors. The drive is … Continued

The UCLA Community Programs Office serves as an umbrella department for the Student Initiated Outreach Center, Student Retention Center, and twenty five student-initiated community service projects.

The CPO strives to increase students from underserved communities' access to higher education, retention in the university, and graduation rates while also serving as a conscious effort in the community, working toward the empowerment of all people.

Helping students graduate

The Student Retention Center was the first student-run, student-initiated, student-funded retention project that is designed to assist undergraduate students with academic difficulties and cultural and social transitions.

Fitness Improvement Training through Exercise and Diet

Fitness Improvement Training through Exercise and Diet [FITTED] is a student-initiated, student- run program established in the Community Programs Office in 2010. This program is designed to raise and retain students’ consciousness of holistic health by providing free fitness and health education services to UCLA student leaders. FITTED incorporates dialogue and collaboration amongst diverse student groups to create a welcoming environment that promotes personal growth and wellness as a lifestyle. FITTED’s ultimate goal is to assist students in incorporating healthy habits into all aspects of their lives for many years to come. A healthy Bruin mind starts with a healthy Bruin body.

Managing risk while helping our communities

The Student Risk Education Committee (SREC) is an official university wide committee within the Community Programs Office in Charge of recommending and implementing best practices in student risk education during community service activities on and off campus. SREC aims to produce a culture of safety as students contribute to the community.

SREC is one of the first student initiated student run committees that focuses on student risk and liability issues. SREC has received statewide recognition for being pioneers in student safety. Currently, UCOP is working with SREC to serve as a model for other student risk education committees to be implemented UC wide.