Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Department of the Community Programs?
The community programs serves as an umbrella to the Student Retention Center (SRC), Student Initiated Outreach Center (SIOC) and Community Programs Office (CPO).

What is the SRC?
The Student Retention Center was the first student-run, student-initiated, student-funded retention project that is designed to assist undergraduate students with academic difficulties and cultural and social transitions.

What services does the SRC offer?
The services that are offered are: Peer Counseling, Mentorship, Internship, Study Hall, Exam Files and Writing Success Program.

What is the SIOC?
The Student Initiated Outreach Center is administrated, funded, and evaluated by student representatives across several under-served communities alongside non-student university staff in an effort to provide its seven outreach projects with tools and resources needed to create positive change in their respective communities at over twenty sites.

What services does the SIOC project offer?
The services that are offered are: Peer Advising, Skill Building/Tutoring, Workshops, Parent Support and Field Trips.

What is the CPOSA?
The CPO Student Association (CPOSA) provides guidance and support to the twenty four community service projects, as well as advocates on behalf of their work to University administration and key members of influence in the community and state.

What services do the CPOSA offer?
The services that are offered are: Youth Empowerment Services, Health Empowerment Services and Community Empowerment Services.

Are the CPO services free?
Yes. The services offered in the CPO are free.

Who has access to the services in the CPO?
All students have access to the services in the CPO.

How can I get a Peer Counselor?
Come by Suite 105 in the Student Activity Center (SAC) and talk to a Front Desk Intern and they will be able to help direct you to a project that best suits you.

What if I do not identify with any of the projects within the SRC?
Come by Suite 105 and a front desk intern will help you find a project that will best fit you.

How do I volunteer for the SIOC Projects and/or the Community Service Projects?
Come by Suite 106 in the SAC and talk to a Front Desk Intern and they will be able to help direct you to a project you would like to volunteer for.

How do the exam files work?
In order to have access to the exam files, you must submit a graded term paper, essay with the prompt, quiz, midterm or final of yours once a quarter. This will grant you unlimited access to the files for the quarter which you submitted an exam.

How do I sign up for the Writing Success Program?
You must fill out a pre-questionnaire for every paper you need help with. After completing the pre-questionnaire, you can choose an appointment time with any of the four counselors.

How does the Food Closet work?
The food closet is available for all students in need. The food is donated by members of the community who understand the necessity that students on campus face.

What are the computer lab hours?
The computer lab hours are from Monday-Thursday 8am-12am and Fridays 8am-6pm.

Is free printing offered in the computer lab?
Yes, limited free printing is offered.

Who has access to the computer lab?
All students enrolled at UCLA have access to the Computer Lab.