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Our services include weekly tutoring and mentorship.


About Academic Careers in Engineering and Science


Members of the UCLA Society of Latino Engineers and Scientists (SOLES) established the Advancing Careers in Engineering and Science (ACES) project in 1990 in order to reach out to minority students in our community. Since then, we have worked to improve and increase underprivileged and underrepresented students’ exposure to math, science, and engineering fields. ACES has recruited volunteers from SOLES as well as the National Society of Black Engineers and the American Indian Science and Engineering Society for weekly tutoring and mentoring sessions with students of elementary, junior high, and high school levels throughout the LAUSD.
Furthermore, ACES has annually hosted outreach events on and off campus. These grant the students an opportunity to participate in a day full of workshops and engineering-based competition. In all events, students have been encouraged to talk to the volunteers and vice-versa in order to make the aspiration of higher education a reality. Through this, ACES has aimed at an increase in not only enrollment and completion of college degrees, but above all the increase of these populations in the fields of math, science, and engineering.


Advancing Careers in Engineering and Science (ACES) strives to provide academic support to local LAUSD students of underrepresented backgrounds. Our goal is to encourage higher education in the Science Mathematics Technology and Engineering (SMART) fields by promoting scientific curiosity through various Outreach Events on campus where the participating students engage in hands-on workshops. ACES also has a strong tutoring program where UCLA volunteers visit local schools to help out with math and science tutoring by providing one-on-one time to students who struggle with the material for whatever reasons.