DoT Org



Donation of Tissues and Organs (DoT Org) was established in the year 2000 by members of the Chicanos and Chicanas for Community Medicine organization. Every single person we register is important to this cause. A single person is able to save up to 58 lives.

DoTOrg is the first organ-and tissue-donation campaign that exists at the college level in California. DoT Org exists to increase awareness and dispel misconceptions about organ donation. We know that it is critical to educate everyone about organ donation and we do this by having sites both on campus and in the Los Angeles Area. At site we educate people on the importance of becoming a donor and how to become registered donor. Student volunteers raise consciousness through on and off campus events, which include the annual Donate Life Run/Walk, Give Life Give Thanks donor drive, LAUSD high school site visits, health fairs, and various other community-based sites.