Higher Opportunity Program for Education

HOPE stands for Higher Opportunity Program for Education, but those words cannot define the complete experience HOPE wants to bring to our students.

Our services

HOPE’s core services are tutoring and peer advising, but also include workshops, field trips, discussions and self expression.

The peer advising relationship between our PAs and our students is similar to that of an older sibling. Helping students plan their future, pushing their furthest potential, is what HOPE aims to accomplish in peer advising. In a Peer Advising relationship, each student gets a peer advisor to plan with and grow with in 1-on-1 sessions. HOPE’s tutoring services offer our students a resource as a chance to receive homework help and build the skills necessary to be successful in a classroom environment. Our students learn through the other services HOPE offers such as through workshops and discussions, community issues, proper nutrition, how to develop leadership skills and more.

About HOPE


HOPE is run by students for students – HOPE is for you. For anyone interested in getting to know themselves better, improve on their study habits, learn about college or alternative graduation plans, HOPE is for you.

For all those who want a place to figure out their priorities, want to have someone to talk to confidentially, go on fun field trips, and just generally have fun, HOPE can provide all these services for free. HOPE volunteers cater to your interests. Our services attempt to show all our students-no matter what grades he or she has, whatever background he or she may come from, and so forth-that they can accomplish their goals and take steps to know themselves and their community better.


The Higher Opportunity Program for Education (HOPE) is a student-initiated project founded by the Vietnamese Student Union (VSU) in 1999. HOPE is committed to outreaching for youths who are at an educational disadvantage. HOPE exists to raise consciousness of and provide access to higher education through holistic empowerment. We promote self-sufficiency and leadership through academic, personal, and community empowerment. We develop our students through peer advising, tutoring, workshops, field trips, and high school conferences. Under the support of the Student-Initiated Outreach Committee (SIOC) and the direction of VSU, HOPE strives to achieve its goals toward educational equity for all.


The word “hope” is defined as “the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best” and that experience is what we try to provide for our students.