Academic Supports Program

ASP is invested in helping Afrikan students to graduate and become an asset to their community.

Our services

1. Nia Peer Counseling — Purpose

One-on-One Peer Counseling to help students with:

  • Academic Goal Planning
  • Study Techniques
  • Post-Grad Planning
  • Financial Resources
  • Personal Counseling
  • Stress Management
  • Professional Skills
  • Time management
  • Academic Counseling
  • And much more!

The Peer Counseling approach is formatted to address the specific needs of any type of student. The peer counseling curriculum is aimed to help students become aware of on and off-campus resources, as well as, make long-term goals and plans to utilize them and challenge one’s potential.

Peer counseling also provides a safe space for confidentiality and trust.


2. Ujima Mentorship — Collective Work and Responsibility

ASP’s Mentorship Program serves to connect all people of Afrikan descent in order to strengthen the campus community.

  • Offers Mentors to Freshmen/Transfer students to be matched with upperclassmen with similar major and career interests.
  • Offers Graduate Mentors to upperclassmen who are interested in similar career paths.
  • Is fueled by the collective development of the Afrikan community of undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, and faculty by facilitating various social events that promote networking and sharing of resources.

3. Kujichagulia Internship — Self Determination

ASP’s Internship program is designed to prepare students for leadership positions within the Afrikan community at UCLA and beyond.

  • Students receive 2.0 units of UCLA credit per quarter
  • Students will receive leadership, professional, and personal development training
  • Students will gain a general sense of Afrikan history @ UCLA
  • Students will shadow a Harambee Council organization to gain a first hand look on exactly what a black student leader looks like at UCLA.

About ASP

What is ASP?

The Academic Supports Program (ASP) is the retention project of the Afrikan Student Union at UCLA. ASP is a student-initiated and student-run program designed to facilitate growth of students within the Afrikan diaspora.

Why we do it?

Only 44% (C/O 2011) of black UCLA students graduate within 4 years.  The rate of dismissals and academic action students is higher within the black UCLA community that most others at UCLA.

How we do it?

ASP ensures Afrikan students graduate successfully in 4 years through these components: Peer Counseling, Mentorship, and Internship.